Yellowstone 2019 Day 4

Friday, July 19, 2019

Day 4 was a relatively short 7.9-mile hike to camp, but had a respectable elevation change. Additionally, after settling in at camp we took a side hike to Sheep Mountain which added another 3.2 miles for a total of about 11.1 miles for the day. Day 4 is when we really started to get some good views. However, we had to work hard for them. The climbs started getting pretty steep.

Start: High Lake (WD4) (8,805 ft.) 

Peak Elevation: 9,412 ft. 

Finish: Shelf Lake (WE5) (9,143 ft.) 

Miles: 7.9

Elevation Change: 2,261 ft. 

Day 4 Hike to Sheep Mountain

Start: Shelf Lake (WE5) (9,143 ft.) 

Peak Elevation: 10,078 ft. 

Finish: Shelf Lake (WE5) (9,143 ft.) 

Miles: 3.2 

Elevation Change: 909 ft. 

Music Credit: So Young At Heart by Judson Crane

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