The best views

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Yellowstone 2019 Day 5

Yellowstone 2019 Day 5

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Day 5 was the most challenging day of the trip, but was also the most rewarding due to the amazing 360-degree views of Sky Rim Trail. I think Skyrim Trail is probably the best trail in Yellowstone for views. Day 5 was the longest distance leg of the route and had the largest elevation change. There was about nine or ten miles with no water sources so we carried more water than in previous legs of the route. However, since it was our last day, we were also at our lowest food weight. We got on trail about 6:10 AM. We didn’t want to be on exposed ridges in the heat of the day or when the afternoon storms rolled in. Possibly the biggest risk of the day was being on Sky Rim Trail in storms. However, we had the most beautiful weather of the entire trip. Not a cloud in the sky.

Start: Shelf Lake (WE5) (9,143 ft.) 

Peak Elevation: 9,900 ft. 

Finish: Dailey Creek TH (WK1) (6,745 ft.) 

Miles: 13.34 

Elevation Change: 2,310 ft. 

Music Credit: The Summit by Hans Zimmer

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