Complexotomy Began Here


verb  |  Com • plex • otomy  |  /kəm’pleks’ädəmē/
1 : to cut into complexity
2 : method or procedure of reducing complexity

“Similar to a tracheotomy restoring breath to a person that can’t breath, a complexotomy restores simplicity to a life full of complexity.”

Ok, so I know that’s a bit corny, but it makes sense to me.  For me it represents ways that I can cut through complexity and restore simplicity to my life.

Last night I decided to start blogging about my journey towards simplicity.  I’ve been reading about minimalism for a couple of months.  The new year brought about a decision to pursue the simplicity that minimalist concepts offer.  A simple Google search will give you a lot of sources on minimalism.  However, I’ve found The Minimalists site a great source of inspiration.

The Complexotomy name came to me while trying to fall asleep.  To me, minimalism is simply a reduction in complexity.  I started with the thought of an appendectomy which is the removal of an unhealthy appendix.  However, I didn’t choose Complexectomy because I don’t think we should strive for a complete removal of complexity.  Some complexity is worth the benefit or joy that it brings us and doesn’t need to be reduced.  Instead, I felt that the suffix of otomy, like in tracheotomy, was better suited for my goal of cutting into and reducing complexity just where it makes sense for me.

One way to reduce complexity in our our lives is to get rid of all the useless stuff that consumes our money and clutters the space around us.  The physical side of minimalism is where I expect to start.  I am committed to reducing the clutter of things in my life this year. However, I think my journey towards simplicity will also lead to non-physical benefits for my mind, body, and soul.

This week my goal is to reduce my clothing to just 33 items for the next three months.  This idea came from Project 333.  Here is my plan:

5 long sleeve collared shirts
5 pair dress pants
5 white under shirts
2 pair work shoes (one black, one brown)
1 pair tennis shoes
3 belts
1 beenie hat
1 pair gloves
3 pair jeans
2 long sleeve t-shirts
2 short sleeve t-shirts
1 hoodie
1 jacket
1 coat

I’m not including the following items in the above count. This is generally in alignment with the Project 333 guidelines.
6 pair work socks
4 pair sports socks
8 pair underwear
1 pair work boots (I rarely wear them, but can’t get rid of them)
2 suit coats (I rarely have to wear a suit, but need a couple just in case)
2 pair suit pants
2 ties
1 watch
1 pair glasses

For now I’m just going to pack up everything that doesn’t make the cut. If this works for me then I’ll be donating all of it. At the end of March I’ll be picking a Spring/Summer wardrobe.

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